Formation of Limited Company

with 3 shareholder HK$7,500-
1 extra shareholder HK$300-
Ready Made Company (within 3 days) HK$500-

Company secretarial work

Company Secretarial Services HK$3,500-


  • 1.Notification of Change of Registered Address
  • 2.Notification of Change of Directors & Secretary
  • 3.Issue Shares
  • 4.Preparation of Minutes of meetings of Directors & Shareholder

(Below, as a separate service other than the above)

  • 5.Transfer of Shares・・・・・Please contact us
  • 6.Increase of Share Capital・・・・・Please contact us
  • 7.Annual Return・・・・・HK$1,105-
  • 8.Registered Office Service・・・・・HK$2,500-
  • 9.Company Placard・・・・・HK$500-

※For other items Please contact us for price